Horizontal Development

Human beings have a desire to be close to nature and connect with their community. Today’s high-rise buildings prevent this dynamic. Designed as a horizontal development, Vistaas is all about creating natural living spaces facilitating natural lighting, ventilation and promoting community living. Designed as a low-rise development, use of concrete has been greatly reduced and hence minimises our carbon footprint.

Friendly And Safe Neighbourhood

A safe neighbourhood is a happy neighbourhood. Community living is perfect for children to play freely and best reflects the sense of security a familiar neighbourhood brings.

To amplify the feeling of security, cars entering the premises have direct access to basement parking. This ensures that all residents, especially kids, can roam around their surroundings safely and freely.

Smart Space Optimization

By optimizing the usage of passage space in the building’s lobby, we are able to provide you with room sizes that give you maximum live-able area.

360º Panoramic Views

Experience 360º panoramic views from the comfort of your balcony as you take in the lush landscape surrounding you. Whether you’re having a cup of tea or engaging in a conversation with your family, this view works as a perfect backdrop to any experience.