A smartly designed project is one that appeals to a consumer both aesthetically and functionally. Our design teams’ attention to detail is prevalent in the interiors of your home, the outdoor areas where your kids play, and into the lush landscape.

Enhancing Your Lifestyle

Thoughtfully designed to allow natural light and ventilation, your home at Vistaas could be a reflection of your very own zone of happiness. The space is efficiently designed to ensure that the living and dining areas open into each other, thereby opening up the space creating a comfortable and relaxed environment for the family. Each home has at least two outdoor views enhancing the benefits of cross ventilation.

Minimal Common Walls

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and that’s why our homes are designed with minimal common walls.

Balconies & Service Areas

All apartments have spacious balconies that overlook the building’s internal courtyard. All services of the building are hidden in the service shafts allowing for a clean facade design.

No Unlit Corners

Light is the power source of every home and serves to brighten and provide warmth. The large windows in every home allow plentiful natural light to stream in. The kitchen has been designed and positioned to allow ample natural light. The light also penetrates and brightens internal utility areas.

Privacy In Each Home

By optimising the lobby space, each home has been designed with a vestibule that provides privacy to every occupant. The vestibule in the bedrooms ensures your privacy, even when visitors come over.

Bright And Spacious Kitchens

Large well lit kitchens are smartly designed to connect to utility areas.