Architect’s Vision

Within just a few weeks of moving in, you will feel the transformation from a regular resident to an integral part of a close-knit community in a friendly neighbourhood.

Human beings crave proximity to nature, which today’s high-rise buildings do not promote. This project allows residents the opportunity to be in close quarters with nature – experiencing and appreciating the small, wonderful things in life we so often overlook – the birds chirping bees buzzing, leaves uttering in the wind. This close-knit, natural environment also promotes healthy human interaction.

The complex is extremely kid-friendly, allowing children to go out on their own and play outside freely in an easy and secure environment. Rounded of by a multi-activity clubhouse with indoor games, swimming pool, cafe and indoor and outdoor locations for congregations, there is very little you would need to look further for. The design has a lot of variety, having a space for everything housed within its walls.

The layout of the buildings create a series of green courts, all treated distinctively giving a feel of being in a new and exciting environment every corner you turn. The landscape is also designed in a series of levels further defining each area and creating a different sensation as people both approach and spend time within.


In 1960 Mr I.M. Kadri established an architecture firm, I M Kadri Architects, with a single assistant architect, one draftsman and an office boy.

Within a short period of time, Mr Kadri was known for his path-breaking commercial, residential and hospitality projects, many of which are considered outstanding examples of structural design today. From Shiv Sagar Estate, one of the oldest business hubs in Mumbai, to the Fort Aguada beach resort by the Taj Group, Mr Kadri used his signature style and keen architectural instinct to create landmark projects across India.

In 1995, the firm announced its second director Mr. Rahul Kadri, son of Mr. I.M Kadri, after he graduated with a Masters degree in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan. The new generation brought a modern appeal and vision to the organization, one that included new technology and a fresh enthusiasm.

Today, after over 53 years of experience and 85 executed projects across India and overseas, the firm has a host of repeat clients like the Taj Group, JSW, Symbiosis, and Club Mahindra.

Past Projects