Top 5 Amenities You Should Check Before Investing in an Apartment

Are you planning to buy an apartment in Bangalore and are not sure what things to look for while buying? Well, if you are considering buying a flat in a gated community, you would automatically get access to the amenities that the project offers. An apartment in a gated community will have the best of the latest and modern amenities. However, it also depends on which builder you pick and what amenities the builder offers.

Apart from checking the Vaastu compliance and the location of your apartment, following are 5 amenities that you should look for:

1. Cross-ventilation

Present day construction style and infrastructure is not the same as it was before. Earlier, 3- to 4-storey buildings were being built. However, these days skyscrapers are becoming popular. Imagine living on the 10th or 20th floor with no adequate ventilation and cross-ventilation. So, it is important to ensure the windows are well-built, allowing a lot of sunlight to come inside. This will help you in reducing your electricity consumption, enabling huge savings.

You also need to check that the smoke from your kitchen and the steam in your washrooms are properly going out. Proper ventilation is essential to keep you safe and healthy.

2. Well-constructed & Accessible Roads

Imagine going out for office in rush hours and the road is too bumpy and jam packed. You not only start your day in a negative spirit, you also end up developing various health conditions. Moreover, your entire day’s productivity depends on how you start your day.

If improperly constructed road with mud and dust all around is what your daybreak begins with, then you can very well imagine how your temperament would remain the entire day.

4. Security System

Most gated communities have a well-defined security system in place. There would be CCTV cameras installed, with a track of every entrant into the community. However, if you are living in a community, where security systems like these are not prioritized, then you should make sure your apartment has enough security measures in place.

In case you have a small child or a pet, please make sure you get child lock installed on your main door. Plus, make sure you have adequate information given outside your door about the presence of the canine or feline.

5. Parking Space

There are many realtors who create exquisite buildings with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. However, they don’t really create good parking space, which might result in cramped parking lots. Such parking can lots often damage your vehicles when you take out your vehicle. To avoid such situations, you can check whether the parking area meets your standards.

After all, your car is your investment and a priced possession. You would definitely not want to spoil it by cramping it in restricted space.

While the list is endless about the amenities that you need to check when you plan to buy an apartment, these 5 are the top check points you should verify. With a variety of premium apartments available, it can be confusing to book the apartment that is just right for you. However, it’s your duty to carefully evaluate all the amenities before you make up your mind.